Since the day God gave us the idea of uniting young people to pool their gifts and talents to tell the world the most important news of Jesus, it has been clear that He was going to bless the RICE Movement.

God has taken us on a journey where every RICE Rally we witness an outpouring of his blessing. Every year has hundreds of young people put their faith in Christ. That pivotal moment when hundreds of hands shoot up to say ‘I want to give my life to Christ’ is certainly the signature moment that best captures what RICE stands for.

I count it as a privilege to be the founding director of this movement knowing full well it is God’s movement. It was His idea, His blessing; it is His harvest. We are all just hanging on for the ride as we step out upon the unknown waters of the years ahead taking each next step only as we fix our eyes on Jesus who is calling us toward Him.

Yet God’s blessing towards the RICE Movement has continued even further. Those evangelistic seeds sown have been watered and have sprouted a harvest of events, creating the space for these same young people to be renewed and recharged in their faith. Many of these events have become for our youth, places of community and fellowship. They have united the youth in their pursuit of taking Jesus seriously in all aspects of their lives. This is why ‘renewal’ is a key part of RICE’s vision for these young men and women.

Steve Chong


Starting in AUCKLAND (16th August) to MELBOURNE (17th August) and finishing in SYDNEY (18th August) we had THREE incredible RICE Rallies in three cities across three days!
FRANCIS CHAN spoke an amazing message of what it meant to be FOUND in a God and to follow Him and not the world or ourselves.
Across these cities we saw God save and find his children and bring them back from the lost, opened eyes of the blind.
A message from our Founding Director Steve Chong: '16 years after my first RICE rally, God has grown this to something beyond anything I could have imagined and I see a generation rising up that will change the world for Him. It is empowered, united, renewed and ready to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. I'm expecting 2019 to be the best year yet. Please join us for the journey. Revival is what we want to see. Believing for it with you!'
IF you are passionate about seeing people coming to know and find who they are in Jesus, love to see generations rise up into everything God has called them to be and young people press deeper into their relationship with God, please watch and share this video so that they world may know God is saving and salvation is here!
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