CABC X RICE: Come As You Are

On Sunday November 13th 2016, RICE held our first ever #CombinedChurchService with CABC Thornleigh! It was an evangelistic event and we praise God for his work through us:

  • 8 (6 youth, 2 young adults) regulars tick the recommitment box
  • 2 from youth group ticked ‘became a Christian’
  • 6 people new to CABC ticked the recommitment box
  • 5 wanted to know more about Christianity


A testimony from Michael Leader: (CABC Pastor)

“One of the youth said at the beginning of the year when he first came to youth group he never thought he’d be a Christian – he was only going for social reasons. He ticked the box on Sunday night as he had been meaning to for a few months but was afraid of being trolled at school. Now he doesn’t care. So it was a big night for him.”


“We’ve been really trying to be missional again this year, and this was a great night for it after a year plugging away… It was a great partnership – all the feedback anecdotally was great – young and old. Even our few elderly (60+), while they said it was a little loud (I asked them) thought it was fantastic, and an encouragement to see everyone serving. It had a great buzz, and was great to see two likeminded groups unite. I hope it’ll help build relationships between RICE and churches. Blessings and thanks again to RICE, core team, band, it was genuine and heartfelt.”

Testimonies from CABC regulars:

“RICE is really fun and a good way to learn more about Christ.” (Yr 7 recommitment)

“I became a Christian at Rice Rally but today really helped my faith.” (Yr 7 recommitment)

“I really enjoyed the talk. I thought the analogies were great and applicable.”

“Thankyou Steve for the talk. Even though you were nervous about people responding to the gospel, I think you did a great job. Thankyou.”

“The sermon tonight has given me insight into the passage which will be most helpful to my ministry.” (60+ guy)

“Awesome talk. Like how you relate the New Testament story to modern day life, like spitting and Asian family/yum cha. The link just ultimately helped me understand. Thanks for coming.”


If you’d like to invite RICE to do a combined church service, e-mail: [email protected] We’d love to partner with your church!


Photo Credit: Jess Liao & Tinik Chiu

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