The vision of the RICE Movement is for a renewal of gospel evangelism in our city through the raising up of high school youth, university students, and young workers, so that they are mobilised into action for God’s purposes. It is our passion to convict, mobilise, equip, train, and revitalise the next generation to serve the Lord Jesus Christ through the events we run. Our hope is that RICE will continue to bless and be blessed by Sydney’s youth. We yearn for a generation that is ready to lead our nation towards love and good deeds, following the example of Christ.


RICE is a youth movement that God has raised up to see a generation renewed in their faith such that they cannot help but share the good news of Jesus to all.

By God’s grace and through His Spirit, RICE has captured the hearts of the youth of Sydney, training and equipping them to make Jesus known.

RICE moves with the desire to see the next generation rise up and be mobilised into action for God’s purposes, and ultimately bringing glory to His name.

As we stand at the cusp of a new age in the Movement’s history, we invite you to join us, as we move forward with new initiatives; our predominant focus being, revival in this city

For a snapshot of our movement’s history, watch the video above and please continue to read more about us and our initiatives.


Our beliefs can be summarised by SEVEN convictions, each starting with the letter ‘S’:

We are committed to the Scriptures as our supreme authority in all of life and ministry. We rejoice in the Sovereignty of the Triune God in creation and redemption. We maintain that human beings in Sin are utterly helpless to save themselves. We trust that Jesus’ died as our Substitute on the cross, completing the work that is needed for sinners to be forgiven and justified. We preach and teach the Solas of salvation: by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, and for the glory of God alone. We uphold the importance of the Sanctified life that flows out of being saved by God’s grace in Christ Jesus.

We are passionate to Share this good news, which is the power of salvation for everyone who believes.