The RICE Internship experience is a year long*, part time** ministry apprenticeship within which interns have the opportunity to learn, while simultaneously shaping the future of the RICE Movement.

It is our hope that the successful applicants will have the opportunity to be trained in ministry skills, to develop in spiritual maturity and to be strategically placed to serve in different parts of the RICE Movement and grow into culture changing leaders of God’s church wherever He may take them.



Since its inception in 2002, the RICE Movement has been birthed, carried, developed and owned by young people. In 2015, the internship program was birthed with an understanding of the mandate to see young people trained and raised up with skills in Christian ministry. Three years on, the vision is still the same, and even more so with the desire to see a generation of young people impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, living lives boldly for Him, bringing His love and influence into every sector of society.


If you are a successful applicant what should you expect to experience?



There are three aspects to the ministry training:

(i) ‘in-team’

Interns will regularly meet as a team.  In these meetings the group will sharpen each other, be taught from the word, receive foundational training from the RICE Training Team.  For example, we believe that even though we are an event based ministry, theology of why we do and what we do is important, so training will include theology as well as ministry skills.

(ii) ‘one-on-one’

There will be opportunity for the interns to access on a one-on-one basis members of the RICE Training Team.  These sessions will function to both assess the Intern’s natural gifting and passions and hone specialised skills (eg. event planning or preaching to high-schoolers, depending on the gifts and opportunities each intern has).

(iii) ‘on-the-job’

Like any true apprenticeship much of the best learning is caught not taught. The intern should expect to be learning as they serve in the RICE Movement and as they experiment with different ways they can best use how God has made them.



At RICE we see that central to serving God with our talents is growth in christian character, maturity and faith. The intern should expect to grow as they are immersed in God’s word, as they spend time in prayer and worship as a team and as they are cared for in one-on-one discipleship.  The RICE Training Team will seek to see evidence of growth in the intern’s spiritual life over the course of their internship.



Each intern will be attached to one area of the RICE Movement where they will focus their energy, and will also have responsibilities that span across the Movement as a whole.  Feedback on their ministry in these areas will be given to encourage them to grow, develop and mature into the leader God wants them to be.

Furthermore, opportunity will be there for any intern to take the initiative in bringing a fresh and new idea into the movement, adopting their own ‘project’ that they birth, develop and establish as God leads.  This will be done in conjunction with a trainer.



We hope each intern will finish their time with a more robust and confident understanding of how they best function and work in God’s community.  Some interns might find a role longer term within the RICE Movement, but others we suspect will move on to do great things for God wherever they go.  We are prayerful that the skills acquired will put them in good stead for a lifetime of serving Jesus, in RICE, in their churches, at home and abroad.



All interns will be taken on retreat where they will bond, worship, pray and kick off the year. Accomodation and food will be covered. any necessary flights need to be fundraised personally by the intern, with the help and guidance of RICE movement. This year three cities Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney will be running the Internship program, and each city will host local retreats on the weekend of September 21-23 for Auckland and Sydney, and a date tbc for Melbourne. It will be a time of refreshment (rather than work), and it is designed to be the perfect start to the internship. On 19-21st October, the global staff and interns will gather in Wollongong, NSW for a global staff conference, so please note these dates in your diary.


THE RICE INTERN TRAINING TEAM 2018-19 (trainers to be confirmed)

The backbone of the internship will be provided on a regular basis by the RICE Training Team (supplemented by specialist guests who are leading experts in their field, invited in on an occasional basis).  

The Core Training Team is as follows:

Deb Fung. Chief of Operations RICE Movement

As head of operations across the Movement globally, Deb leads the internship program whilst providing the overall structure, sharing her expertise to train and support interns as they experience and grow across the breadth of the RICE Movement ministry. Over the years involved with RICE Rally since 2003 she brings event management expertise, organisational leadership and a passion for leading ministries sustainably in this desire to raise up this next generation to follow Christ wholeheartedly!  


Steve Chong. Founder & Director of the RICE Movement

Brings his proven skills in leadership, entrepreneurialism, preaching, and empowering others. Interns will have face to face access to Steve as they together with him and the team, develop the best way to use their gifts for God as he seeks to develop them into culture changing leaders for God’s glory. Steve brings his teaching, preaching and evangelistic gifts to feed the team from the word and will steer the group towards a space where God can best use them for His glory.

Naomi (6 of 8)

Naomi Chong. Theologically Trained, Ministry Experienced, Mother of Four

Bringing her passion and experience in leading young women into a deeper and more vulnerable walk with Jesus, Naomi will use her 3 years of theological training, her passion for mission, and the skills she has learnt as a youth worker, preacher and wife to bring focus to ensuring our female interns are flourishing spiritually as they serve. Having limited time as a mother of 4 young children, she is offering rare access to her schedule for one-on-one mentoring and will bring bible teaching to our intern team as a whole.

Matt OoiMatt Ooi. Melbourne Director, RICE Movement

While successfully starting and running a physiotherapy business for just under 10 years, involving policy and protocol implementation, staff education and professional development, God was calling Matt to complete his MDiv. at Ridley College in 2013 (ordained as an Anglican Minister in the Melbourne Diocese) to move his God-given desire for raising up the next generation of church leaders in Melbourne from a passion to a profession. Being able to join RICE as an intern  trainer and mentor has been a dream come-true in bringing all of these gifts together. Other loves include cycling, triathlon, anime, and dogs!


The first requirement is that you love Jesus. You want to see Him made known and others know Him better.

If this is you (and you have graduated from high-school) you are welcome to apply! Ideally we’d like you to demonstrate that you are someone who has been part of the RICE Movement in that you have been blessed by attending its events or been involved in some volunteer capacity.

This role would nicely complement someone who has a university load of 3 days (or less) and therefore has at least 2 days (or more) open in their week.  It would be an ideal option for a gap year if you have just finished Year 12. Or it would be a great opportunity for someone who has finished uni but is only working part time currently, or it will be perfect for someone who is in between jobs.



The RICE internships are (in general) volunteer roles.  That being said, the investment that the RICE Movement is committed to the applicant is in the form of training and discipleship and we hope that investment is valued and the motivation for the application. However we encourage interns to seek an outside source of income and if an intern wishes to fundraise support for their internship we would provide advice, a framework and proactive help for this.



We are interviewing now for positions. (We are keen to get started***)

Applications close Friday 24th August 2018 at 11:59pm. We will have interview panels on Monday and Tuesday 27th and 28th August 2018.

Please scroll down below and click on “FORM” to proceed to the online application form. Any questions can be sent to [email protected].

Sadly, even though we would have really loved to, we could not accept everyone who applied last year. If there is a similar amount of applications, dependent on the capacity to train, we may not be able to accept all applicants. Either way, we encourage you to go through the application process.



Should you be a successful applicant, you will be required to attend a compulsory Intern and Staff retreat on Friday October 19 – Sunday October 21, 2018.



The internship begins 1st October 2018 and finishes end of September 2019.



*year long: one year is the minimum commitment, with an option for second year to be discussed during the course of the internship

**part time: the internship is minimum 2 days (equivalent) but can be as many as 5 days.  Specific times and days negotiable.

***start date: Because RICE’s signature event (RICE Rally) tends to fall in August, our RICE calendar year is generally Sept-Aug; the internship will follow this pattern and start from October 2018 through to September 2019 (negotiable).