One of the blessings that we have witnessed is the rise and development of young and gifted musicians who use their talents to point to Jesus and lead others to sing and play to the glory of God.  These musicians have already helped RICE youth and young adults to engage and sing with a depth of faith and emotional engagement that, we hope, will build up the wider churches where they serve. Our prayer is that these gifts can be released to build up the church at large through training, recordings, composition, and performance.


The RICE movement is a creative movement because we have a creative God. Some of the arts have become part of our DNA and dance is one way that we have begun to see young people express their love for God and point this next generation to the God who made them. The RICE dance crew have been an exciting feature of almost every RICE Rally. They uniquely show the embodied and multi-faceted nature of what it means to express the gospel as God’s image bearers and have begun to be a blessing as they dance at various church and youth events.


RICE has always existed to bring blessing back into its representative local churches. Therefore it is our desire that the growing expertise, talents, creativity, and experience of RICE youth and leaders can overflow to help local churches in their own vision and mission.


Throughout the history of RICE, RICE leaders have been identified, inspired to serve and given unique opportunities and on-the-ground training in leadership, event management, music and other creative ministries. More than that, many of them report an increased desire to serve God in seeing the Gospel go out into the world. They have then taken these desires and skills back into the churches where they have continued to serve in key lay ministries. These young people are the next generation of the church and RICE has helped equip them to lead that next generation in Gospel ministry.

Churches now have the opportunity to have ‘RICE on the road’ in various ways. For example, the RICE Dance or Music crew can be invited to perform at church and youth events. Local churches have begun to draw upon the resources and experience of the movement by booking RICE to run evangelistic youth church services. To book RICE to come to your church please email [email protected]