If any of this ever stops being about Jesus, shut it down.

Steve Chong, Founder & CEO

We are a global Christian movement committed to the bold sharing of the gospel, the empowerment of the next generation and the championing of the Asian voice. While we are not exclusively Asian we recognise the significant responsibility we’ve been given to impact this growing segment of the world. Without question, we would not exist without the willing partnership of local churches, the collaboration of dedicated individuals and the generosity of financial sowers.


We are RICE.

We are a family of Christians passionate about building up the global body of Christ.

We unite to rally the young generation around Jesus,
unashamedly proclaim the true gospel, and fully expect lives to respond to His call.

We empower individuals so that local churches can be strengthened and Kingdom movement can be accelerated across cities and communities.

We live, breathe and champion the unity Jesus prayed for.

We identify with Asians growing up outside of Asia and provide a platform for Asian Christian voices across all spheres to be heard

We believe revival in our societies starts with renewal in our hearts.

We desire to live in the fullness of His Word and fullness of His Spirit.

We are hospitable, hardworking and hungry for God.

We don’t want to stop but steward what God is doing.

When God moves we move.

We are a movement. 

We are RICE.


RICE takes child protection seriously. You can read our Child Protection Policy here.