BELIEVE manages the itinerant preaching ministry of our founding director Steve Chong. Steve is a sought-after evangelist and preacher in Sydney, Australia and overseas. In view of this, the RICE Movement wants to proactively position Steve to be a blessing and voice into other churches, events, and movements.


Steve’s primary gifting as an evangelist is seen every time he preaches the gospel to unbelievers. In God’s mercy, almost every occasion results in people turning to Jesus as Lord and Saviour. We at RICE BELIEVE that there are very few in Steve’s generation who preach evangelistically with such fruitfulness. Therefore we want to see Steve fan into flame this gift, that he might be a blessing to God’s Kingdom in the unique way that God has blessed him.


BELIEVE is managed by a specialised advisory board of well known preachers and pastors who mentor Steve and manage his bookings. People can donate directly into a separate fund that resources Steve and his family to continue this work.


If you wish to financially partner in this ministry or to request the ministry of Steve or other speakers from the RICE Movement please email [email protected]

Steve Chong on Eternity Newspaper

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