The vision of the Catalyst ministry is to relight the flame of Christian youth by exploring the depths and riches of the gospel together. Through this, our hope is that high schoolers may be empowered to live lives that shine out Christ’s light in them.













The signature event of RICE Catalyst is the annual conference, where it aims to unite churches and youth to explore the depths and riches of the gospel together. this will be achieved through churches equipping and teaching one another the fundamentals of Christian living, as well as areas of life that youth are interested in nowadays. In practice, there will be a main talk that stems from Rally’s theme, followed by different workshops run by different people on different topics. Through this, our hope is that high schoolers may be empowered to live lives that shine out Christ’s light in them.


DATES: Melb 6th of Oct / Syd 13th of Oct

TIME: 10-4PM / PRICE: $10 + lunch


If you are a high schooler, we would love to see you there along with your youth group and/or high school christian group. However, if you’re no longer in high school and are a follower of Jesus we encourage you to bring along your youth group or even help volunteer. Above all the best support we could hope to receive would be keeping the core team and this event in your prayers, as we strive to glorify God through this ministry.

















Gathering students from different schools.



Teaching and equipping students with God’s Word so that they may live worthy and pleasing lives to God.



Sharing stories of how God has been working in Christian High Schools.