In 2017, our event will be on October 7th, the Saturday before Term 4 begins. Join us alongside youth from churches all over Sydney, as we explore what it looks like to live our lives here and now, living a life that pursues the things that last forever.

Its an awesome way for high schoolers to meet other Christian youth from Sydney and experience a taste of the unity that the Church provides.

1 who we are

The vision of the Catalyst ministry is to gather christian youth from all over Sydney to explore the depths and riches of the gospel together. Catalyst’s aim is to support that crucial work in local churches by providing a platform where young people can be united across their different church communities, to further stoke the fire of what Christ is doing in their lives.

Catalyst events involve worship, challenging preaching, fellowship, seminars and prayer.


If you are a high schooler, we would love to see you there along with your youth group and/or high school christian group. However, if you’re no longer in high school and are a follower of Jesus we encourage you to bring along your youth group or even help volunteer. Above all the best support we could hope to receive would be keeping the core team and this event in your prayers, as we strive to glorify God through this ministry.

Catalyst – United Prayer


United Prayer (UP) is one of the ministries of RICE Catalyst, and its aim is to grow a culture of prayer within the youth of Sydney.  Young people gathering to pray is the engine room of our movement.  It is here that we ask God to move and do his work in us, in our movement, our city and beyond. Our heart is for young people to see the necessity of prayer within the Christian life, and as a result grow deeper in their walk with God. We hope that prayer will be seen as a wonderful and precious gift, not just something that is taken for granted and done solely out of habit. This is something that is sorely missing in our next generation and yet vital if they are to continue to do the Lord’s work.  

We’ve had an exciting year at UP with 2 major initiatives taking place:

1.  Prayer meetings– Throughout the year, there have been around 5 prayer meetings open to high school christians. This has been an opportunity for students from different schools to come together and pray for one another. It’s been a great encouragement to see young people grasp the importance of prayer and get excited to pray with one another through these meetings!

2.  Devotional content– We’ve released several short devotionals surrounding different topics and passages (some written by members of the larger Catalyst team). This has been an opportunity to share things we’ve been learning with the youth and help support their growth by providing this as an extra resource to read.

In the coming year, we hope to increase the frequency of our prayer meetings and continue developing avenues for schools to be praying for one another. We’d love it if you could be praying for the UP team (Reuben, Jeremy, Eleanor & Nicholas) as we really do need it! Thanks for reading and feel free to contact Reuben if you have further questions.