I am Found

RICE Rally Sydney 2018 at the Quay Centre, Olympic Park | Photo: RICE Rally Photography Team


“I want to find out more about Jesus” said Yatin as he waited eagerly for his Christian friends to arrive. Having heard about RICE Rally from school, the youth was about to have a life-changing experience.

It would be the night that he and many many others would move from the lost to being found in Christ. Hundreds and hundreds of youth made commitments to Jesus at RICE Rally again this year.



Christian advisors presented the Gospel using the J curve to youth and prayer for new believers at RICE Rally | Photo: RICE Rally Photography Team


The response to the altar call was immense across all 3 RICE Rallies with a shortage of advisors in Auckland and a shortage of Bibles in Sydney. However RICE Rally is only the beginning for the youth with local churches taking on the follow up to ensure that new believers are not on their own.

“My prayer for this youth is that they won’t forget the love of God and it won’t be an emotional high, but they’ll follow Jesus for the rest of their lives” said Wendy, a Christian advisor who also gave her life to Christ at RICE Rally 7 years ago.

Steve Chong (Founder of RICE Movement) explained the Gospel using the J curve to new Christians at RICE Rally | Photo: Roydon Ng


Youth pastors and leaders also rejoiced as they watched many of their youth respond the Word of God preached by Francis Chan. Taking the first step, the youth declared that they no longer wanted to do as they pleased but rather accepted that Jesus had graciously paid for their sins and that eternal life awaits those who believe by faith.

For a few youth, the altar call also served as a timely reminder to reconnect with God. “I want to renew my faith as I was falling out in my life with God, so I just want to reconnect to God, said a cheerful Ricky who was thankful for the strong and impacting message that he had just heard.

We are so glad and thankful for each and every youth that has become a child of God. For more on the next steps, you can always refer to the J curve booklet distributed at RICE Rally and see our post titled So you’ve given you’re life to Jesus at RICE Rally, now what?