As young people move out of high school and towards the increasing pressures of tertiary study and/or the workforce, the distractions from living a passionate and bold life as a Christian can often cause their spiritual health to dwindle.  Young adult worship nights seek to stand in that gap by providing places for this age group to stop, refuel, and stay on the narrow path of following Jesus.


RICE young adult nights are a collective of worship evenings, often clustering around significant Christian dates like Easter and Pentecost. However, these events also respond organically by catering to the needs and opportunities of this age group as they arise. Typically these nights orbit around passionate worship, clear Biblical preaching, fellowship, and response time. It is our aim that at the conclusion of each event, every attendee will recommit their lives to a radical and single-minded love for our Lord Jesus, overflowing in God-honouring deeds of love and good works.