COVID19 Precautions

COVID19 Precautions

RICE Movement 12th March 2020


To bring RICE into compliance with public health safety practises, and to support public health initiatives in order to limit exposure of COVID19 to vulnerable members of the community and minimise risk of transmission to our visitors, members, volunteers and staff from COVID19.

Action Plan

Whilst the COVID19 situation is evolving various governments and authorities have asked us to remain alert, and not be alarmed. These actionable steps will ensure that we, as a movement, stay within the boundaries of public health advisory guidelines.


  1. Issue reminders and warnings on a weekly basis to all your contact database within the city:
    1. If anyone has travelled overseas recently they must quarantine themselves for 14 days and not attend any public RICE gatherings
    2. If anyone presents potential COVID19 symptoms (general cold symptoms such as: dry cough, fever, runny nose etc.) to not attend any public RICE gatherings and to immediately seek medical advice
    3. If anyone has come into contact with anybody who has been diagnosed with COVID19 then they will need to observe the 14 day isolation period and not attend any RICE events during this time (even if they do not express symptoms)
  2. We strongly advise against any travel during this time
  3. Continue to check your government’s website for updates on your local situation
  4. Await further instructions from RICE Global regarding Global events and future action
  5. Continue to pray for protection for our countries and organisation

AT ALL PUBLIC GATHERINGS (Chapel, Meetings, Events etc.)

  1. Provide alcohol-based hand sanitiser at all events
  2. Complete a mandatory attendance roll (check in, check out, time stamped)
  3. Have one entrance and exit
  4. Implement contactless greeting measures (no handshakes, hugs etc.)
  5. Educate on cleanliness techniques at every gathering (Hand-washing technique:
  6. Do not provide food (prevents transmission through shared food items)
  7. Re-iterate at every meeting that if anyone feels unwell at anytime, they should leave immediately and seek medical advice


World Health Organisation COVID19 Advice:
World Health Organisation Global Updates:
World Health Organisation Technical Guidance:

For country-specific resources please visit your government’s websites:

New Zealand: