To achieve the RICE vision requires Jesus loving, generous sowers who share in the same passion of seeing souls come to know Jesus. We are thankful for those who have partnered with us to generously sow into the movement and enable the evangelism and empowerment agenda for the next generation.

Our commitment as a movement is to drive transparency, sustainability and prudency in the way we manage and steward the resources God has blessed us with.

There are 2 key areas in which the Movement can categorise it’s needs.

1) Become a RICE SOWER

RICE is made possible through a community of SOWERS – individuals, couples, families, churches, organization who consider themselves friends and family to this Movement, and partner with us financially to share this global vision as God continually leads us forward. This is our core base of philanthropic support which enables the Movement at large to carry out the vision.  

Areas the funding supports:

  • Our paid staff – directors, global directors, administration and support staff
  • Overheads – while we keep overheads as lean as possible, there are always ongoing costs of operation in each city from office costs to materials and subscriptions that enable us to work online, globally and using technology
  • Training & Travel – within the global vision of stewarding this Movement is the ability to be mission minded, sending teams to new cities, train up teams, support teams across the cities.

2) RICE Rally Appeal

Our Rallies are the signature gathering that is and always has been the focal point in unifying churches across the city, to boldly declare the Gospel to the next generation. Every year God challenges us with new and renewed vision for the lost and to steward this well requires faith that the finances to flow to meet the budgets that we have learnt not to limit, but to release in order to reach this generation. Venues, production, hospitality, communication – none of this comes cheaply, and we invite you, if you feel compelled by this vision to contribute financially in making this happen, please COME to Rally as this is where we share the vision, the projected costs and needs for the next year, and raise the appeal to cover the next year.

To support or enquire about giving to the RICE Movement please email [email protected]