We want to empower others to join our creative community as we create content inspired by our creator God. Whether it be in online or physical spaces, we want to fill the world with colour and creativity to ultimately point others to the glory of God. We believe that as we collaborate using different mediums of video, photography, art, writing, dance, music and more, together we will be able to create something truly beautiful and more than what we could even ask or imagine on our own.


For the seven weeks leading up to our movement event We Rise on April 22nd, we are going to go back to the beginning in Genesis chapter 1 and dive into the first oceans that burst forth, stand in awe at the stars which God breathed and marvel again at the miracle of creation. We are calling all creatives to post content inspired by the 7 days of creation using the hashtags #RICEgenesis, #7weeksofcreation and #weRise. We are then going to repost what people create onto our facebook and Instagram accounts!


You can get involved in 3 ways:

  • Post your stuff (videos, photos, music, dance, writing, relevant links etc.) on social media using the three hashtags: