RICE Catalyst is the schools ministry of the Movement that aims to relight the flame of Christian youth by exploring the depths and riches of God’s Word together. One of the ways that we achieve this is through Catalyst Conference, where youth groups and school Christian groups come together shortly after Rally to train, encourage and challenge one another the fundamentals of Christian living.

In practice, there will be a main talk that stems from Rally’s theme, followed by topical workshops/practicals/a Q&A panel. Different cities will implement other different ways to empower their Christian high school students in their walks with Jesus. Some initiatives are student leaders mentoring programs, prayer meetings, seminars and creating training resources for student leaders to use at their school Christian groups. Through this, our hope is that high schoolers may be empowered to live lives that shine out Christ’s light in them.


Twelve is our study camp initiative to support year 12s in their final year of secondary studies, and the stress and pressure that comes with it! We host a camp in their exam study preparation period to both equip and help them break down the study mountain, and also provide a Christ-honouring perspective to their work and priorities.

Through the study week, we start the days with a time to praise and worship God and build a devotional life that helps students centre themselves on the foundations of faith and trust in God. As they approach their studies, it is our desire that each student can call on, and bring Jesus into their journey, learning to turn to him ultimately as their source of strength, identity and future. It is also an incredible week of building friendships and a community that often stays with them them many years after high school is over!


RICE has a vision to prepare school leavers for their crucial transition into adult life. Having been taught the Gospel in their school years at church, school and RICE ministries, we aim to set these young adults up for evangelism and ministry in their local church and beyond. We believe that this transition can be either a time of rapid growth as a Christian or, sadly, a time when many fall away as Christians.

By exposing these ‘grads’ to practical units on personal evangelism, apologetics, Christian thought, social action and finding their unique giftings, as well as small group mentoring by interns who have themselves been through that transition, we hope that these high school graduates will develop a passion for Jesus, making Him known, serving the church and the poor, and equipped to face the challenges to their Christian faith with perseverance and joy.

We have partnered with Ravi Zacharias ministries for apologetics training, local social justice organisations in each city, as well as a Christian academic and the best of our RICE leadership in order to offer the best training available in these areas. The program runs once a week for five weeks in January-February.