RICE Rally

RICE RALLY 2020: Revival is ON!

Auckland 22/08
Perth 28/08
Sydney 5/09
Sao Paolo 7/09
Melbourne 12/09

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Rally will look different this year…. contact us at [email protected] to get connected.


Every year since 2002, RICE Rally has brought youth across the city together to hear and experience a bold proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

“Since the day God gave us the idea of uniting young people to pool their gifts and talents to tell the world the most important news of Jesus, it has been clear that He was going to bless the RICE Movement. God has taken us on a journey where every RICE Rally we witness an outpouring of his blessing. Every year has hundreds of young people put their faith in Christ. That pivotal moment when hundreds of hands shoot up to say ‘I want to give my life to Christ’ is certainly the signature moment that captures what RICE stands for.”

– Steve Chong, Founder & CEO

RICE Rally begun 17 years ago with Steve Chong’s heart to unite the youth groups in North-West Sydney to come together and proclaim the gospel with a unity around Jesus! This has always been the heart of RICE Rally, to produce an event that is speaks to and connects with the youth of this generation and to proclaim the incredible message of the gospel – the salvation found in JESUS!

Now in its 17th year, RICE Rally has gone to Melbourne, Auckland and now Perth as cities are coming together to reach the youth of this generation with the timeless gospel message.





At RICE, we simply cannot run these events without the help of our incredible volunteers. It is such a great experience to be able to partner with others who share the same heart and passion and to witness and participate in God’s work on the night of RICE Rally. You can be involved in ushering, logistics, and advising. Read about what it involves to be a volunteer here.