What we do

RICE seeks to empower students who are passionate to share God’s love so they may be equipped to bring revival and renewal to their schools and to all those around them. We believe our young people are in their schools to have impact for good and to be a blessing as they love God and their neighbours.


With 5 days at school every week for 6 years, we spend a lot of time at school but one day, it will end. The Scriptures tell us that no one should look down on us because we are young but to set an example for others! Do more than just study at school. Find your purpose at school and be a leader for love.

Be unleashed in your calling as a leader of the next generation and have a powerful impact in loving the community around you.


Topics that will be covered include a range of theological discussions and practical workshops such as:


  • Character of Leadership
  • Vision
  • Exegeting the Bible
  • Running Bible Studies
  • Delivering a Talk
  • Organising Your Year
  • Utilising Social Media


By running training, RICE Schools inspires students to reach their God-given potential to transform, have a positive influence and change the lives of those around them.

We know that being a student leader can be draining and we want to prevent burn out amongst those who are serving at their school Christian group.


  • Hear from God’s word
  • Share about your struggles, whilst encouraging one another
  • Pray together as a leadership team
  • Sing, spending time in praise and worship


A time where logistics and meetings can be forgotten. A time where leaders can be refreshed. This is F5.


“Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.” Psalm 51:12

Bring your school group to RICE Rally this year and get assigned group seating! The signature event of the year, we have a heart to see young people encounter God through His amazing love which is found in Jesus. If that’s your desire to lives changed for eternity and for your school Christian group to have an outing together, we would love to see you there at RICE Rally.


For RICE Schools assistance in any way for your school Christian group, contact [email protected]