RICE, as a not for profit organization, relies solely on the generosity and charity of its sponsors to continue helping change the lives of youth all over Sydney. RICE Sowers is a chance for you to help us in our mission to see revival in the youth of this city by financially partnering in a ONE-OFF donation. If you don’t prefer this way, feel free to email us and we can help you get started on our Donor’s list.


The ministry of RICE does not exist without the notion of partnership.


It is through you ‘sowing in’ to this movement that our vision and goal to see a generation renewed and evangelised can become a reality. Our prayer is that you might consider yourself one person who believes that with your input God will continue to use RICE to achieve His purposes that may be beyond all that we can ask all imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Would you please consider partnering with us financially, prayerfully and take some steps to connect in deeper with all that God has planned for the RICE movement?

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Become a RICE Sower

A RICE Sower gives $100/month or a one-off donation of $1,200 to empower young people to carry out our vision

On 10th June 2016, the RICE Sowers program was inaugurated by the Honourable Premier of NSW, Mike Baird, who officiated a truly unique fundraising dinner in the heart of Sydney’s Inner West. However, that was just the beginning. For the RICE Movement to continue to honour Jesus in its vision and mission, we need more sowers to partner with us financially. Will you share in this tremendously unique season of God’s work in our city through our youth by becoming a RICE Sower?