Tim & Carmen Wong

Tim and Carmen have been navigating the East/West cultural gap their entire lives, being both born and raised in Melbourne with parents from Malaysia and Hong Kong. Married for 10 years, with two beautiful primary aged girls – Gemma and Aria, they begin with discipleship in the home and seek to represent Jesus in all areas of their life.  They worship at Clayton Church of Christ, where Tim serves as the Chair of the Church Board (Elders) and Carmen serves on the worship team.

As well as leading RICE in Melbourne, Carmen teaches Primary Science at Donvale Christian College and Tim freelances as a management/strategy consultant. They are honoured and excited to serve the city in this role and see the incredible opportunity to influence and shape a new generation to be used by God in his global plan to reach the nations.

Carmen’s faith story
Jesus was always there. But in uni I stripped back the masks to find my true identity in Christ. I then had to make the ultimate choice…

Carmen’s gifts/passions
Gift of faith. Seeing people live out their full potential.

Carmen’s love languages
Acts of service. Gifts

Carmen’s comfort food
Castello blue cheese. Choc mint ice cream.

Carmen’s contacts
[email protected] / @carmsss

Tim’s faith story
Gradually learning to trust Jesus more and more over the years. The turning point was in mid-high school when I could no longer ignore His reality in my life.

Tim’s gifts/passions
Apostolic. Marketplace/kingdom business. Leadership. Giving.

Tim’s love languages
Words of affirmation. Then the rest.

Tim’s comfort food
Corn chips. Snakes. Mee goreng.

Tim’s contacts
[email protected] / @timxwong